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Welcome to Star Ocean Universe

Welcome to Star Ocean Universe

A fansite providing Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile & more tri-Ace information & resources, including information on the upcoming tri-Ace titles, Beyond the Labyrinth and Frontier Gate.

Such as the latest tri-Ace news, game reviews, character profiles, avatars, artworks, PC & PSP wallpapers, trailers, discussion boards and much more.

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Announcement (1/4/15)

In case you haven't heard yet, tri-Ace has been bought by Nepro - a Japanese mobile company. We were disappointed too - would this spell the end for Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, et al?

However, Nepro has since outlined their vision for how the business units would work, and it seems as though console games are still on the table. So thankfully, Star Ocean is not dead and buried just yet.

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Announcement (25/12/13)

We just wanted to wish you all a Merry Xmas! Unfortunately we didn't get the gift we were hoping for (a new Star Ocean game) but there's always next year, right? Thank you so much for supporting us over the year(s) and we'll see you in the new year! Merry Xmas!

Announcement (21/07/13)

Star Ocean had been showing signs of life with Square Enix looking to trademark Star Ocean. This prompted speculation that a new Star Ocean game was, let's say...on the cards. Turns out, it's true! Square Enix announced yesterday Star Ocean: Material Trader. It is a social card game that incorporates some familiar characters and game features from the tri-Ace series. Keeping with Square Enix's broader strategy in the mobile market, this game is for the iOS and Android and will be released later this year. According to new information translated by Siliconera:

  • The protagonist is Tina, who works for an organisation called Ouroboros.
  • Your task is to collect 'Star Shards', as well as cards
  • You can complete quests for EXP and money
  • You can use item creation to make accessories for your cards

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Announcement (1/1/13)

Firstly, happy new year to all Star Ocean Universe fans, members and guests. We hope it will be bigger & better than 2012. tri-Ace certainly had a quiet 2012; where moving premises in August 2012 surely would have slowed down any big *fingers crossed* plans in the works.

And a small update on Frontier Gate Boost+. The box art has been revealed! This time looking quite icy, as opposed to open and well lit up and open for the original title.

But we still have no word yet on whether they decent looking RPG will make it our way, we are keeping our fingers crossed. But know the chances may not be great, considering PSP Vita is out now and this is an original PSP title...

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Announcement (12/12/12)

Square Enix have revealed the content of their teaser site...after a 10 minute pause with us wondering what is going on!

The new game is Star Galaxy, which is a browser game; not a new Star Ocean title which we were optimistically hoping for...

Star Galaxy is a MMO simulation strategy game that takes place in the galaxy. Enhance the military to develop the territory of planet that is home to organize our officers were brought up to their liking, emergency, fighting to the sector. In cooperation with the friendly, self-force will lead to victory. Also there's a closed beta which you can participate in.

Given there are no ties to Star Ocean it will probably be out last update on this...c'mon tri-Ace, where are you? *sigh*

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Announcement (8/12/12)

Square Enix has launched a new teaser site, featuring a countdown timer, a planetary background and the words "Star", "Divide" and "War" along the side. Additionally, Square Enix have reportedly trademarked the name "Star Galaxy" in Japan. Could it be a new Star Ocean title? Or is it just another smartphone game? We are hopeful for the former!

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Announcement (6/12/12)

Finally we see something new from tri-Ace!

tri-Ace are again collaborating with Konami, this time working on extending Frontier Gate with additional content.

While Frontier Gate never made it outside of Japan, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that a repackaged game won't. Remember the original Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was a Japanese only release. A year later was re-packaged as the Directors Cut and made it our way.

Fingers crossed history can repeat itself, it's been too long for tri-Ace fans to go without a new title!

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And while you are there, you will get to see a variety of Christmas banners on all of the forum themes, Happy Holidays from the staff at Star Ocean Universe.

Announcement (11/6/12)

Today we are looking back at one of tri-Ace's older titles. Resonance of Fate.

Above are new artworks for Zephyr & Leanne, as they have recently been included in Sega's upcoming new tactical RPG, entitled Project X Zone for DS. As of course Sega & tri-Ace both own rights to the game.

Above are screenshots as part of the game, now of course those who have played Resonance of Fate will know Zephyr doesn't technically save Leanne in the intro, rather Subject #20. But it's close enough.

Also, with the attention drawn back to Resonance of Fate somewhat, Fayt from the forum has also recently taken another look at the game, inspired by witnessing the characters again thanks to Project X Zone, and also in response to a number of gamers out there who have written off Resonance of Fate far too early due to the steep learning curve. As he says "First opinions in this case are overrated, give it a chance". Read more about his opinion piece here.

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Announcement (21/3/12)

We've given our Facebook page a makeover, some of you will already be aware of the new Time-line feature, we've just activated it with a host of information about both our past at Star Ocean Universe, and a history of tri-Ace.

Announcement (26/2/12)

Another from the archive, we've added 8 artworks from the first, original Star Ocean title.

The three above are just part of the new artworks added, view all the artworks for the first Star Ocean title here.

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