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Resonance of Fate Characters


Sex: Male
Age: 19
Voice Actor: Hiro Shimon (JP); Scott Menville (EN)

Zephyr is one of the main protagonists of the game. An orphan born and raised in childcare facilities, Zephyr possesses a tough outlook on life, claiming "the fact that he lives is proof there is no God". In his late teens, he is scouted by Vashyron to work for his Private Military Firm (PMC), beginning his life as a mercenary soldier.

Subject #20

Sex: Female
Age: 19

A young lady who was raised in a research facility, No. 20 is the result of a series of test experiments. Her body has been biologically controlled to expire on her 20th birthday. Knowing that she has only a year to live, the girl escapes from the facility, intending to at least die on her own terms.


Sex: Male
Age: 26
Voice Actor: Ken Narita (JP); Nolan North (EN)

Vashyron previously served in the military, and has started his own PMC (Private Military Firm), he works as a hunter taking on almost any task to earn his living. During an assignment to suppress teenage rioters, he encounters Zephyr, and invites him to join his company. Vashyron was once a subordinate under the cardinal during his military days, he is the sole survivor from a previous large scale skirmish.


JP name: Reanbell
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Voice Actor: Aya Endou (JP); Jessica DiCicco (EN)

A young woman who is both beautiful and possesses highly agile movement ability. She fatefully meets Zephyr at a time where she almost lost her life in the past. She is now a member of Vashyron's PMC. She, like Vashyron and Zephyr are the only playable characters in the game.

Cardinal Members

The following characters are members of the Cardinal, an organization that governs Basel. Although since the passing Pope Frida the Cardinal have began to assume a more imposing influence over Basel.


JP name: Roen
Sex: Male
Age: 43
Voice Actor: Keiji Fujiwara (JP); Jim Ward (EN)

Since the passing of Pope Frida Rowan has assumed leadership of the Cardinal. Rowan is deeply concerned about the ongoing conflict and future of Basel, he wishes that all of the people could live in happiness.


Sex: Male
Age: 43
Voice Actor: Takehito Koyasu (JP); Chris Edgerly (EN)

Sullivan mysteriously appears after the passing of Pope Frida and claims to aide Rowan to reach his goals for Basel. Sullivan works on a number of projects seeking alternatives to relying so heavily on the mechanical structure, Basel. He leads such research projects per Rowan's permission.

Jean Paulet

JP name: Jeanpole
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Voice Actor: Takuma Terashima (JP); Sam Riegel (EN)

Jean Paulet too works for the Cardinal, Jean Paulet is quite a handsome man, and also rather flippant and at times narcissistic.


Sex: Female
Age: 65
Voice Actor: Noriko Uemura (JP); Barbara Goodson (EN)

Theresa is an elderly noble lady who too works for the Cardinal. She cares greatly for the people, and holds a large scale Christmas event every year to help bring happiness to the children.


Sex: Male
Age: 45
Voice Actor: Hidenobu Kiuchi (JP); Kirk Thornton (EN)

A pivotal researcher working alongside Sullivan endeavoring to discover alternatives to relying on Basel's grinding structure. To Subject #20 he is a highly trustworthy & honorable man, although to others he is viewed as quite cold and heartless.


Sex: Male
Age: 19
Voice Actor: Nobuyuki Hiyama (JP); Jason Marsden (EN)

Compared to the other Cardinal, quite unconventional to say the least. He doesn't really take his role of Cardinal too seriously, he lives in somewhat of a fantasy world where he believes he is a superhero.


Sex: Female
Age: 24
Voice Actor: Ai Orikasa (JP); April Stewart (EN)

Barbarella is a beautiful, voluptuous woman who enjoys the high life of been a Cardinal perhaps a little too much. She loves nothing more then a quality bottle of wine to go with her meals.


Sex: Male
Age: 44
Voice Actor: Yoshinori Sonobe (JP); Charles Martinet (EN)

An elder member of the Cardinal, who takes care of the seminary. As shown in the prologue he is also the man who witnesses a assassination job by Vashyron nearly one year ago.


JP name: Antorion
Sex: Male
Age: 70
Voice Actor: Masaharu Sato (JP); Tom Kane (EN)

The oldest living member of the Cardinal, he is a well respected man that despite his age, still thirsts for knowledge. He is deeply concerned about the issues recently surrounding Basel.


JP name: Garigernon
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Voice Actor: Norio Wakamoto (JP); Dave B. Mitchell (EN)

A somewhat eccentric man devoted to beauty and the arts, who is responsible for fashion and it's related research throughout Basel. He is well respected by many for his knowledge of fashion.


Sex: Female
Age: 25
Voice Actor: Wakana Yamazaki (JP); April Stewart (EN)

She works closely with, and devotes herself to supporting the leader of the Cardinal, Rowan. She is rarely too far away from Rowan's side.