Star Ocean Universe

Radiata Stories Main Characters

Jack Russell

Age: 16
Height: 168cm
Voice Actor: Junko Takeuchi (JP); Bryce Papenbrook (EN)

A lively young man born and raised in Solieu Village, a town a little ways from Radiata. He lived a peaceful life with his elder sister Adele until his 16th birthday, when he decided to test his mettle by trying out for the Radiata Knights like his father before him.

Ridley Silverlake

JP name: Ridley Timberlake
Age: 16
Height: 161cm
Voice Actor: Sanae Kobayashi (JP); Stephanie Sheh (EN)

The only daughter of a family whose clan holds the crest of the Great Eagle of the North. She is very composed and serious, and is very stubborn at the same time. However, when she receives an order, she will go through with it despite her own feelings. She actually has a very fragile lady-like side, and takes forever to come up with a solution when faced with a problem.

Ganz Rothschild

JP name: Gantz Rothchild
Age: 28
Height: 152cm
Voice Actor: Mizuki Saito (JP); R. Martin Klein (EN)

Eldest son of Gawain Rothschild of the Rothschild clan, a family that holds the crest of the Lion of the West. He was raised well and his speech and manners are impeccable. Although he can be a bit goofy at times, he is a man with a good soul, always trying to do the right thing. He is captain of the Rose Cochon Brigade.