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News Archive - 2010: 4th Qtr

Announcement (27/12/10)

Today we have added 10 new images to the Infinite Undiscovery artwork page.

The latest additions are renders from some of the other characters in the game, including the 3 shown above. And also some promotional artworks.

Click here to view the updated artwork page.

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Announcement (18/12/10)

Another expansion to our artwork section, this time more for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

We've added artworks for a bunch of the other characters in the game, including the post game bosses Lenneth & Freya, who are based off their characters from the Valkyrie Profile Series.

Visit the Till the End of Time Artwork page to view all the artwork.

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Announcement (3/12/10)

It's December again, Christmas is just around the corner. We at Star Ocean Universe would like to wish all members and guests a safe and happy Christmas, and get some well earned R&R.

The above Christmas image shown is PSP size, in addition to that we have 3 new PSP wallpapers, relating to Star Ocean 4 available for download.

As you can already see, there is a Christmas version of the banner up now, and also a couple of the forum banners - Valkyrie Universe & Star Ocean Universe themes - have also been changed for the festive season, these will remain for the whole of December.

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Announcement (21/11/10)

As everyone has noticed there aren't as many updates over the last few months, we are still hoping tri-Ace will release something new soon. The Valkyrie Profile 3 rumours clearly didn't seem to unfold. Hopefully it will still happen in the future though.

In the meantime, we continue with out artwork expansion, we've added 20 new images for Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. This time a bunch of the Einherjar from the game. You can view them here.

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