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News Archive - 2008: 4th Qtr

Announcement (24/12/08)

Seasons Greetings! It's Christmas Eve and we at Star Ocean Universe would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. Also, as you may or may not have noticed both the forum and main site have new banners to celebrate the holiday period. Thanks to Quark who made both new banners.

But that is not the only reason for the announcement, the Japanese Star Ocean 4 official site has been updated again, but not just that it's been completely overhauled. It's much...larger, it would better suit one with a larger monitor, but it's still fairly easy to navigate without one. If need by copy the URL into your browser so you have your navigation tools available. The layout has been changed to look like a spaceship's interface and there have been animations added in the transition between pages. 

The new sections include:
  • Revelation of the seventh character Crowe, previously seen in recent promotional movies.
  • More information on the New Battle System & Real Time Member Change.
  • Special section updated now with two promotional movies available.
  • There are four tracks you can have as your background music
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Announcement (16/12/08)

A minor update to the Official Last Hope site. Aside from a link to buy soundtracks, the Spec section has been updated with a game cover!

Also (this is slightly belated) the Japanese Valkyrie Profile Site has been updated:
  • The Character section has been completed with the final character, Hel
  • New details on the System including Rumor, Extra and Extra Stage
  • A video and some wallpapers have been added to the Special section

Announcement (9/12/08)

The Official Star Ocean 4 site has been updated again.


  • New Character: Meracle Chamlotte
  • Battle system section completed:
    • Rush Mode
    • Special Attack
    • Symbology
    • Link Combo
    • Beat System
  • Spec section updated

Note: All news announcements prior 9/12/08 have been deleted.