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News Archive - 2009: 3rd Qtr

Announcement (26/9/09)

There is another small update on the official site for Resonance of Fate.

The above shown are just some of the new images available in the character section for Zephyr, Vashyron, Subject #20 & Reanbell.

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Announcement (25/9/09)

Earlier this month we upgraded our site to premium, and since then we have upgraded several pages and added new content, here is a summary of the updates since then:

  • Avatars and Reviews are now included on separate pages to each individual game, you can also access these instantly via the right menu bar.
  • Previously each page had a section for characters within the main page, they are now separated to their own page. There is now also a completely new character profile page for Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth.
  • Several sets of artworks are now available, such as Second Story, Till the End of Time, The Last Hope, Infinite Undiscovery & Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.
  • Each game page now has it's own navigation menu atop the page, to easily switch between different pages relating to the specific game. The typical layout is now as follows: Home | Characters | Review | Artworks | Avatars | Forum.
  • Reorganised Archive, separating past announcements by month/quarter.
  • Other minor miscellanea updates.
We at Star Ocean Universe hope you enjoy the new navigation options and expansions as we continue to provide more content regarding the tri-Ace games. Stay tuned for even more updates in the future.

If you have not yet done so be sure to register to get e-mail notifications of any major updates and news in the future.

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Announcement (24/9/09)

Toyko Game Show 2009 continues to provide new trailers for tri-Ace games, this time the debut trailer for Star Ocean: The Last Hope international has been revealed.

The differences (if any) seem negligible in the trailer to the Xbox 360 version, other then the obvious "International" tag addition to the title. Check it out for yourself and try see if there are any notable differences.

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Announcement (23/9/09)

Tokyo Game Show 09 is currently upon us, and a new Resonance of Fate trailer (in Japanese) is available. While you may not understand the language it's enough to wet the appetite visually.

Resonance of Fate will be released to the English audience in 2010.

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Announcement (17/9/09)

The Star Ocean: The Last Hope international official site has just been launched!

The new site opens with a few sections including:

  • World Section: Currently showing a Prologue of the game with images.
  • Character Section: Currently featuring Edge & Reimi with new artworks.
  • System Section: Currently detailing "Refine Point".
  • Spec Section: Showing basic details such as the price, system (PS3) etc.
  • Visit the new official site by clicking here.

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is due for release on the 4th of February 2010 in Japan, and closely followed by release in North America on the 9th of February 2010 & the 12th February 2010 in PAL territories.

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    Announcement (16/9/09)

    The new look official site for Resonance of Fate is now live.

    The site now has a completely new main menu layout, in general a more open and refreshing way to navigate in and out of certain sections.

    There is even a Twitter link with it now, if you have Twitter and can understand Japanese it might be of worth, otherwise though we'll have to wait until the North American site is released.

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    Announcement (15/9/09)

    Breaking News: Star Ocean: The Last Hope has been revealed for release on PS3 in Feb 2010!

    Famitsu broke the news earlier today, expected for release on the 4th of February 2010 and at a price of 8,190 (US$59.95) PS3 fans will finally get a taste of the latest installment of the series.

    The game will be released as an international version, and is expected to feature reworded screens and tweaks to the battle system, but more importantly feature both a Japanese & an English voice acting option. Something I'm sure many an RPG fan will love to hear about.

    We will post more about this news as it comes to hand.

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    Announcement (15/9/09)

    New Star Ocean: Blue Sphere section added!

    The updates and new sections include:

  • A home page featuring general information about Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, for both the Game Boy Color and recent Mobile remake.
  • Screenshots of the Star Ocean: Blue Sphere mobile remake.
  • Added the remake to our Star Ocean Series section.
  • Uploaded the official artworks for all the main characters featured in the mobile remake.
  • While there is no word on an English translation to date the game is still worthy of addition to the site to learn a little more about it, hopefully if enough interest is there a localization will come in the future.

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    Announcement (11/9/09)

    The official site for Resonance of Fate is currently showing a countdown clock for a 'Renewal Site'. As of this post it's 95 hours away, meaning the renewal site should go live on the 14th/15th this month, depending on your timezone.

    Also a batch of new Japanese magazine scans (2 of 8 shown above) have recently become available for the game, which also feature a new character not yet shown on the official site, Lagerfeld. He has a very smooth appearance wearing a rather cool looking pear of sunglasses and a full brim hat. You can view all the new scans by here.

    We have also updated our Resonance of Fate avatars page to include two of the more recent additions to the official site, Jeanbell & Theresa.

    Finally those that have visited previously will notice slight changes to the layout of the Resonance of Fate page (and also others now and in the future) showing all the related links to the game just under the official banner art atop every page.

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    Announcement (8/9/09)

    New avatars for the Star Ocean: Blue Sphere mobile remake are now available.

    The set includes all the characters previously seen in Star Ocean: Second Story as well as Rival, a main antagonist in the game.

    The mobile remake was released to Japan on the 8th of June 2009, while unfortunately there is not yet any confirmation of an English translation.

    Also take note that the previously available avatars have been moved to their individual pages, and have links to each of them via the sidebar to the right of screen.

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    Announcement (7/9/09)

    Our Star Ocean Universe account has been upgraded, just some of the benefits include:

  • Removal of outside advertisements, for an even smoother viewing experience.
  • Increases to our bandwidth, account size and more to allow for even further growth potential.
  • The links in the menu bar to the right for reviews are now embedded within the main site. For even faster viewing and navigation between them.
  • The upgrade is an extension to our site updates last month to bring you even more news and content in the near future, stay tuned!

    Announcement (28/8/09)

    The official site for Resonance of Fate has been updated with new downloads available.


    The latest updates include the September Calendar wallpaper shown above in 4 different sizes, which makes a total of 7 different wallpapers you can now download from the site. There is now also a screen saver now available for download.

    Resonance of Fate is expected to be released next year, although no definite date is yet available, we'll update with it here once it is confirmed.

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    Announcement (10/8/09)

    The Star Ocean Universe main page layout has been updated, the changes and benefits include:

  • Wider viewing screen, with new banner and sidebar to better suit today's PC monitors.
  • Ability to register with the main site, which will enable you to receive e-mail notifications on future updates. Such as news on upcoming tri-Ace games and major site changes.
  • Links to forum reviews contributed by the members of Star Ocean Universe relating to all of the tri-Ace games, in their relevant categories.
  • Easy share option to e-mail your friends about sections of Star Ocean Universe.
  • The updated layout will also allow for even greater flexibility for addition of further sections & content in the near future. We hope you enjoy the new viewing experience.

    Announcement (2/8/09)

    New Avatars for Resonance of Fate are available.

    The above shown, are more are available on our Resonance of Fate avatars page. They are also available for easy uploading to our forum members via Preferences > Change Avatar.

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    Announcement (31/7/09)

    Resonance of Fate (or End of Eternity in Japan) will be released simultaneously to both European & North American audiences early in 2010.

    SEGA Europe localization producer, Jun Yoshino spoke with today and announced the news. Today they have also announced that the game should take about 80 hours to gain full completion, and will even include a Japanese voice over option - a feature some gamers have been crying out for over the years.

    The End of Eternity official site has also been updated today, revealing two new characters Sullivan & Roan.

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    Announcement (24/7/09)

    The Star Ocean: The Last Hope page has been updated.

    With the European release of The Last Hope last month the game should now certainly be available in all game stores worldwide.

    For those that have yet to play it, or just like reading reviews, Fayt has contributed his own personal review of the game for anyone interested to view by clicking here.

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