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News Archive - 2011: 2nd Qtr

Announcement (30/6/11)

The official Frontier Gate website has been updated. Along with three partner characters (Mariashalte, Emireo and Kurotoki) and some more screenshots, a Japanese trailer has also been posted:

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Announcement (21/6/11)

7 new characters have been revealed, our Frontier Gate page have been updated with a brief description of each of them.

The above shown images are just 3 of the new artworks released, you can view all of those released to date on the artwork page.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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Announcement (20/5/11)

The Frontier Gate official site has had a small update, it features a summary of the story (in Japanese) and a bunch of new screenshots.

Also the above shown artwork feature the known characters so far, we've started an artwork page featuring the above images, and will add more to it when they become available.

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Announcement (29/4/11)

With the two new titles on the way we have added some additional pages to the site, which will be updated as further information is available.

  • New page for Beyond the Labyrinth.
  • New page for Frontier Gate.
  • New page for Konami.
  • Also the Japanese official sites for these two games have been pre-launched, also offering some music which will form part of the game. Beyond the Labyrinth | Frontier Gate

    Stay tuned for more updates on these new titles, isn't it great to see tri-Ace back in action!

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    Announcement (28/4/11)

    Following the leak about tri-Ace's two new handheld projects, Beyond the Labyrinth and Frontier Gate, Famitsu has released some screenshots of these games.

    See more screenshots from Beyond the Labyrinth

    See more screenshots from Frontier Gate

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    Announcement (27/4/11)

    Alright! tri-Ace have followed up that tasty trailer with news of not one, but two new games!

    The first will be entitled Frontier Gate and will be released on the PSP, a monster hunter style game with turn-based battles. It is expected for a Japanese release in 2011.

    The second will be tri-Ace's maiden appearance on the new 3DS, a game titled Beyond the Labyrinth, a 3D dungeon featuring a young female as the lead character. A release date is not yet known, it's currently about 60% complete.

    The details were recently release via the latest Famitsu magazine, so at this stage limited details are available. Both titles will be released by a new publisher as well, Konami.

    One of the many titles Konami have produced include the Suikoden series, they will be the third publisher to produce a game for tri-Ace.

    We'll update when more details become available, perhaps not the epic console games we would want most, like a Valkyrie Profile 3 or Star Ocean 5, but we'll take it.

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    Announcement (22/4/11)

    Finally we see something from tri-Ace! Although it's not a least not yet? tri-Ace have officially joined YouTube and have released this stunning technical demo.

    The character involved even holds figurines of both Edge & Fayt at one cute. A must see for any tri-Ace fan like us hanging out for something new.

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    Announcement (8/4/11)

    Star Ocean Series

    The Star Ocean Series section has been updated with information about various Star Ocean related media including anime and manga.

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