Star Ocean Universe

News Archive - 2010: 2nd Qtr

Announcement (25/6/10)

We have added more artwork to the Star Ocean: The Last Hope section. All thanks to Gumdrop.

There are now large images of all the characters showing their various expressions throughout the game, 3 of which are shown above.

You can view all the artwork by clicking here. Or via either the left or right navigation menus.

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Announcement (1/6/10)

Our Resonance of Fate section has been updated.

Fayt has provided a detailed review on the game, explaining some of the mechanics of the game and providing his thoughts on it. At one stage stating "Iíd certainly say itís one of the best games this gen at least".

Also, the main page and character page have also been updated, they have been re-constructed in some parts and now offer more information than before.

Click here to read the full review.

Announcement (29/5/10)

Star Ocean Universe now has it's own unique domain

We've updated the banner, also the left & right navigation menu's of the site to reflect the change.

But there is no need to worry about the old links, all links will continue to operate indefinitely. So even if you don't update the link in your favorites you'll still access the site just like before.

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Announcement (26/5/10)

Star Ocean Universe now has an additional navigation option for your convenience.

Previously to access sub-sections of game categories you would click for example "The Last Hope" from the left menu, then access Avatars, Review etc from the header on each page.

But now you can also simply hover your cursor over "The Last Hope" and all the sub-sections will pop out to the right in a drop down menu, making it even faster to get to where you want, and also further emphasize all the sections available on the site. This applies to all of the tri-Ace games shown in the left menu.

The previous navigation system, with headers atop of each game page will also remain to use whichever you prefer. We trust you find the additional navigation feature useful while perusing the site.

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Announcement (6/5/10)

According to GoFanboy there is another title on the way for the Valkyrie Profile Series, and possibly a PS3 exclusive at that.

The last major Valkyrie Profile release was Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria back in 2006. While the last release for the series was the DS variant Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume in 2008.

When more official word is available we'll update it here.

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