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News Archive - 2009: 2nd Qtr

Announcement (30/5/09)

tri-Ace/Square Enix have announced that Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, will get a remake. The platform? Mobile, the original game was released on Gameboy Color in 2001, and was only released in Japan. It is likely that this will be another Japan-only release. The official site has also been launched.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

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Announcement (15/5/09)

Star Ocean: The Last Hope will be released to the European/PAL audience in just a few weeks, finally it appears around the corner for the remainder of the world as today the European official site has now been fully launched!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The site can be viewed in 5 different languages, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German - ideal for those who don't understand English that well.

There are several sections to peruse at your leisure, including information on the Star Ocean World, Skills, Battles, Trailers and much more, including 6 different PC wallpapers (including the 3 shown above) to download, also available in 3 different resolutions to suit your PC.

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Announcement (15/5/09)

Sega America have today released a blog stating that what we currently know as End of Eternity will now be titled Resonance of Fate outside of Japan.

The title is currently listed for release in Spring 2010 to those outside of Japan.

Please note as a result of this Star Ocean Universe will change the name of the game on our forums/sections to Resonance of Fate, while acknowledging the Japanese name End of Eternity as well to try appease any confusion as a result of the new title. We'll get used to it soon enough.

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Announcement (30/4/09)

The PAL/European release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope has finally been confirmed. It is due for release on the 5th of June 2009.

Originally The Last Hope was released in February to both Japan and the US audience, but due to translation reasons it has taken almost four months on top of that to reach the European shores.

The European official site has also been pre-launched, currently featuring a trailer and links to a few other parts such as ways to pre-order the game. The full website is listed as 'coming soon'.

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Announcement (29/4/09)

The End of Eternity official site has been updated, which now features wallpapers you can download for your PC.

*All of the above wallpapers are also available in 1280x800 & 1280x1024. Visit the Official Site to download those in higher resolutions, or simply to learn more about the new title on the way from both tri-Ace and Sega.

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Announcement (25/4/09)

The Official End of Eternity site has been updated with images in the Battle section.

Announcement (22/4/09)

Our Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume page has been updated.

Covenant of the Plume has been available now worldwide for about a month, give or take depending where you live.

It provides a unique tactical RPG experience with a much darker story to the average RPG, where Wylfred sets out to get vengeance against Valkyrie Lenneth. A game whereby Overkilling (aka reaping Sin) against your opponents is encouraged and actually benefits you in the long run due to a fateful pact with Queen of the underworld, Hel.

Today Fayt has submitted a detailed review on the game, which you can view by clicking here.

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Announcement (11/4/09)

We have just added a new section for End of Eternity.

It includes information about the story, characters and other details currently available. There are also links to our new End of Eternity forum and the Japanese official site available. We will continue to update this as more information comes to hand.

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Announcement (10/4/09)

The countdown is over, and the official site for End of Eternity has gone live. You'll quickly notice the imagery of the game is both of a high standard & quite realistic.

Currently the site contains sections for the following:

  • World section: At the moment containing Japanese text and one image on the second page of text.
  • Character section: Currently featuring Zephyr, Subject #20 & Vashyron.
  • Spec section: With basic information regarding the game, where it states the Japanese release is due in Winter 2009 and that it will be available on both PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • Stay tuned for more updates soon, in the meantime check out the official site for your own eyes.

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    Announcement (8/4/09)

    Japanese Famitsu magazine has today held a feature on the new RPG, just over 50 hours before the release of the new RPG website for tri-Ace.

    End of Eternity is the name, and as you can see per the cut of the scan above Sega is apparent, not Square Enix as we have become quite used to in the past.

    Sega are of course best known for their own creation, the Blue Hedgehog, you know the one. But for a more direct comparison they also publish the long standing Phantasy Star series. Let's hope this new partnership can deliver an outstanding return.

    End of Eternity is currently approximately 65% complete. We will update with more information, and also a new page for this game soon.

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    Announcement (1/4/09)

    tri-Ace have updated their official site, including a link to a "NEWRPG" teaser site, hinting towards a new multi platform RPG.

    Yes, it is April Fools day so I was a little sceptical at first myself, but it looks legit, but don't just trust SOU, check it out for yourself. tri-Ace Home Page, also New RPG teaser site.

    The site has a countdown active, 214 hours remaining at the time of this announcement. Basically 9 days away, keep an eye on any potential developments on the 10th of April.

    What could it be? Feel free to speculate in our Eternal Sphere - tri-Ace forum.