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News Archive - 2012: 1st Qtr

Announcement (17/2/12)

Tired of that same old desktop? We've added some more Last Hope wallpapers so check them out! Here are just a few:

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Announcement (28/1/12)

One from the archive today, we've uploaded several artworks, 20 in total of the 10 Wise Men from Star Ocean: Second Story.

The above images are just a few of those included in the new gallery. Click here to see the full gallery.

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Announcement (26/1/12)

tri-Ace's latest 3DS title Beyond the Labyrinth was released in Japan just last week. And has already sold over 14,000 copies.

Unfortunately there is still no word on whether it will get an English release though, the more it sells in Japan might boost it's chances...

Sales Data for the week 19th Jan to 26th Jan 2012 - Japan.

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Announcement (21/1/12)

20 more images have been added to the Resonance of Fate gallery for your viewing pleasure.

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