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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Characters


Race: Aesir
Homeland: Valhalla
Age: 23 (Midgard Reckoning)
Weapon: Sword/Bow
Purify Weird Soul: Nibelung Valesti
Voice Actor: Yumi Touma (JP); Megan Hollingshead (EN)

Lenneth has recently been awakened by her master Odin and summoned to explore the lands of Midgard. Her duty is to search for suitable human souls - recently deceased warriors to become Einherjar and assist the Aesir fight their war on Ragnarok.

Lenneth is generally a good natured woman who carries a great deal of authority and confidence in her abilities, she too is merciless against her foes. You will control Lenneth at all times during the story as she learns more about the humans on Midgard while performing her duty for Odin.


Race: Aesir
Homeland: Valhalla
Age: Unknown
Voice Actor: Shuichi Ikeda (JP); Rodger Parsons (EN)

Odin is the leader of Valhalla who is also in command of the Valkyrie's. Odin is quite stern and borderline heartless in issuing his commands to achieve his goals, he views humans as dispensable and rates his own kind, the Aesir higher then any other race.

Odin has recently awakened Lenneth from her divine sleep and requests that she searches Midgard to find him worthy Einherjar to aid in his coming battle against Ragnarok.


JP name: Frey
Race: Aesir
Homeland: Valhalla
Age: 26 (Midgard Reckoning)
Voice Actor: Maria Kawamura (JP); Veronica Taylor (EN)

Freya is second in command aside Lord Odin in Valhalla. Freya is typically a very cool and calm character who bares immense support for the Valkyrie's. Just like Odin she rates Aesir higher then any other race and can be rather distrustful of humans - to the point of even putting her foot down to disallow some Einherjar joining Valhalla.

Freya will act as an emissary between the Valkyrie and Odin and periodically provides feedback on your duty as well as updates on the way in Valhalla. She too will reward you with gifts from Odin for good performances.


Race: Human
Homeland: Coriander
Age: 14 (when last seen)

Platina grew up with and became a young girlfriend to Lucian, but soon after the age of 14 her home village fell into very difficult times and the adults began selling their daughters into slavery in order to make ends meet.

Lucian discovered that Platina's abusive parents were about to do the same, out of his affection for her he informed her about it. Platina then ran away and has not been seen since...


JP name: Lucio
Race: Human
Homeland: Garabellum
Age: 19
Weapon: Sword
Purify Weird Soul: Round Rip Saber
Voice Actor: Nozomu Sasaki (JP); Eric Stuart (EN)

Lucian was born in Coriander, but after difficult times he ended up moving to Gerabellum and became a thief, he has since stolen daily in order to keep both he and his friends alive. He possesses great sword skills, but not the heart of a true warrior and remains troubled by his past.

After one of his friend's steals from a nobleman a cleanup of the village is ordered and Lucian falls to a stray arrow. Upon contact with Lenneth he is astounded by the resemblance between her to his childhood friend Platina.


JP name: Aluze
Race: Human
Homeland: Artolia
Age: 26
Weapon: Greatsword
Purify Weird Soul: Final Blast
Voice Actor: Hiroki Touchi (JP); Maddie Blaustein (EN)

Arngrim is an arrogant and highly competent mercenary on the battlefield, skilled with excellent sword fighting ability and tactical awareness. His confidence and sarcasm has no limits, he is unafraid to speak his mind to even the highest of royalty.

Upon a pure chance occasion he ends up fighting alongside Lenneth & Freya while battling a hideous demon. He later kills himself to learn more about the gods to become an Einherjar for Lenneth; much to Freya's disgust she refuses to accept him into Valhalla.


JP name: Geraldo
Race: Human
Homeland: Artolia
Age: 14
Weapon: Staff
Purify Weird Soul: Great Magic
Voice Actor: Kae Araki (JP); Rachael Lillis (EN)

Jelanda is a young spoilt brat, and is also the princess of Artolia. She can be quite the tomboy and cunning at times and she has a great deal of affection for her father. The game begins where Jelanda becomes furious with Arngrim's insults towards the king, her father, and attempts to covertly act as a commoner to arrange him into a dangerous mercenary job for revenge.

While her revenge plot fails due to her temper and inability to handle commoner cuisine she is later captured by a rival kingdom, Villnore and tricked into taking Ghoul Powder disguised as medicine which turns her into a hideous demon.


JP name: Lawfa
Race: Human
Homeland: Artolia
Age: 20
Weapon: Spear
Purify Weird Soul: Justice Stream
Voice Actor: Atsushi Naito (JP); Maddie Blaustein (EN)

Lawfer is a young knight from Artolia, who is following in the footsteps of his now noble father. Lawfer is a good friend of Arngrim and respects him as though he was an older brother.

Lawfer later learns that Arngrim killed himself to become an Einherjar, and curiously leads himself into an impossible mission leading to certain death to join him. His friend Kashell accompanies him to try prevent it from happening, but all in vain.


Race: Human
Homeland: Artolia
Age: 24
Weapon: Heavy Sword
Purify Weird Soul: Finishing Blade
Voice Actor: Tetsuya Iwanaga (JP); Jimmy Zoppi (EN)

Kashell is more of a wandering swordsman who fights ruthlessly for his beliefs. In the past he has had good friendships with all of Arngrim, Aelia, Grey & Lawfer. After learning about some of his former friends passing he still continues to fight for the greater good.

He later comes across a village where the occupants are turning to stone after a forbidden seal nearby had been breached. While desperately trying to protect a potion which would be able people back to flesh he falls to a demon who attacked the village.


JP name: Aimi
Race: Dragonian
Homeland: Artolia
Age: 25
Weapon: Spear/Lance
Purify Weird Soul: Dreaded Dragon
Voice Actor: Ai Orikasa (JP); Veronica Taylor (EN)

Aelia is both a powerful and beautiful warrior of the Dragonian race, she possesses an enormous power which can enable her to take the form of a Dragon with the use of the Dragon Gem.

Aelia ends up getting captured and tortured by a villainous sorcerer called Gander as he tries to extract information out of her regarding the dragon orb. Gander in his frustration to the lack of information been provided goes to far resulting in her death.