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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile
Genre: RPG
Developer/Publisher: tri-Ace/Enix
Platform: PSX
Players: 1
Japan Release Date: 22 Dec 1999
US (NTSC) Release Date: 29 Aug 2000
EU (PAL) Release Date: N/A
Official Sites: N/A
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Genre: RPG
Developer/Publisher: tri-Ace/Square-Enix
Platform: PSP
Players: 1
Japan Release Date: 2 Mar 2006
US (NTSC) Release Date: 18 Jul 2006
EU (PAL) Release Date: 27 Apr 2007
Official Sites: Japan | NA | UK

Valkyrie Profile borrows from Norse Mythology. Your role is to play out the story of a Valkyrie by the name of Lenneth. As a Valkyrie you have a mysterious power that allows you to listen out for souls of mortals on the brink of tragic deaths. From here Valkyrie employs their souls to fight at her side, which she trains to potentially be really to fight at her master's side, Lord Odin in his epic wars in Asgard. As time progresses you must find recently deceased mortals, and materilise their souls them into Einherjar, then send a number of them to lord Odin before the final battle.


Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a remake of the original Valkyrie Profile; here it featured a number of new cut scenes, voiceovers and other small additions. This would arguably be one of the most popular RPG remakes in history, this remake also managed to earn the game the title of 2006 RPG of the Year from IGN. For a remake that is an outstanding result.

The game features an active 2D movement environment in dungeons and towns. This allows for a platform style movement, while having the option to witness you enemies before you, meaning you can avoid them, and there are no frustrating random battles to deal with. The game also uses a unique Chapter Time & Period scenario to measure time, this essentially means the game is not endless; you cannot simply revisit dungeons countless times as you please. Try to be mindful of this and do as much as you can with each dungeon visit to avoid wasting periods.

The battles are somewhat a combination of both turn based and action, where the timing of your movements and attacks are essential to your progress and success. Obtaining equipment however is slightly different to your average RPG, here you do so by gaining valuable Materialize Points depending on your success during your game, rather then simply collecting money from each individual monster you encounter.