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Konami first became a producer for tri-Ace in 2011, where they announced two different projects, Frontier Gate for PSP & Beyond the Labyrinth for 3DS - the first title created on the system by tri-Ace.

Konami is not only a developer & producer of many home video games, but also a number of other things such as trading cards, Anime & arcade games. They were originally founded in 1969, while they released their first video game machine in 1978, in the early 80's also created classics like Frogger.

Konami really started to emerge on the gaming market as the Famicon (more commonly known as the Nintento Entertainment System - NES to the western world), with games such as Castlevania & Metal Gear. Later in 1998 they also released Dance Dance Revolution, which truly did revolutionise the music game industry.

While their biggest RPG success is the Suikoden series, which has 5 major instalments to date and a handful of spin-offs etc to boot. Just like with the Star Ocean Series their games have a chronological order to them and links to one and another (while not in game order, again like the Star Ocean series).

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