Star Ocean Universe

Star Ocean 5 Characters

Fidel Camus

Fidel is the son of a Leslian renowned swordsman from a small village named Stahr. He is adept at fencing, which he uses to defend his town.

Miki Sorvesta

Miki is Fidel's childhood friend and she sees him as an older brother. She acts cute around Fidel, but can be serious if required. She has healing abilities.


Lilia is a lost girl who has lost her memories and emotions, whom the party encounters. They decide to protect her and she and Miki develop an ersatz mother-daughter relationship.

Blonde Swordsman

Not much is known about him, apart from that he teams up with Fidel and is pictured fighting a blue haired man.

Green-Haired Witch

She hasn't been mentioned at all, but she has been featured in early pictures as a green haired mage-type character. It appears that she is an offensive mage.