Star Ocean Universe

Frontier Gate

Genre: RPG
Developer/Publisher: tri-Ace/Konami
Platform: PSP
Players: 1-3
Japan Release Date: 22 Dec 2011
US (NTSC) Release Date: TBC
EU (PAL) Release Date: TBC
Official Sites: Japan

Frontier Gate is one of the first titles developed by tri-Ace to be published by Konami. It will be released on PSP, it is a monster hunter style game with turn-based battles. It is expected for a Japanese release in 2011.

This section will be updated as more information is available, Frontier Gate was first seen in Famitsu magazine on the 27th of April 2011.


Worried that the various countries of the world would fight over control of this area, two frontiersmen formed a guild to explore its depths. The characters you control are newcomer members of that guild.


  • Three players can play together, with each player controlling their main character and a partner character, making for a party of six.
  • Combat is turn-based. By performing combos, you can build up a "Boost AP" meter to perform a variety of skills.
  • Your can custom-made your main character fully, down to the face. The partner characters can be customised with weapons and clothing.
  • The game includes 15 partner characters.
  • Features both single and multi-player modes.


    There are also ten characters that have been revealed thus far:

    Aretio: A young man who joined the guild around the same time as the main character. He wields a dual sword. He will be voiced by Atsushi Abe.

    Dandesu: One of the Frontier's founders. His weapon is a hammer.

    Dizzy: A second generation female adventurer. She makes use of a mace. She will be voiced by Rie Kugimiya.

    Emilio: A swordsmith on a quest to find legendary weapons.

    Kuroroki: Washed ashore to Frontier after an accident.

    Mariaschellte: A spear wielding knight from the Indaig Kingdom.

    Nike: A native who is particularly interested in colonists. Her weapon is a bow.

    Reinvalt: An instructor to newcomer guild members. He uses a single handed sword. He's said to be the hero for the next generation. He will be voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue.

    Sigrid: Also a knight, but carries a large sword. He is under orders to deal with illegal pioneers.

    Volker: A mysterious knight who has a habit of appearing at the right place at the right time.