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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Characters

Fayt Leingod

JP name: Fate Linegod
Race: Earthling
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148 lbs
Age: 19
Weapon: Sword
Voice Actor: Soichiro Hoshi (JP); Steve Staley (EN)

Background: Fayt is a college student that loves sports and combat training. The story starts off with Fayt on a lovely holiday with his long time friend Sophia, and parents for both of them. The holiday gets rudely cut short leaving Fayt lost trying to find a way back to his friends and family. He is also the son to one of the most famous, yet controversial Symbological Genetics scientists in the world.

Personality: He is a caring, yet stubborn young man. He will always try balance defending what he believes is right, as well as what the rules say.

Recruitment Info: Fayt is the main character of the game, and the one you always control during story events.

Sophia Esteed

Race: Earthling
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 108 lbs
Age: 17
Weapon: Staff
Voice Actor: Atsuko Enomoto (JP); Michelle Ruff (EN)

Background: Sophia is Fayts childhood friend; she is a student of the Spacetime Department of Bachtein High School. She is also highly skilled in household tasks such as cleaning & sewing. She too like Fayt starts off on a lovely holiday, and with the parents for both of them. The holiday gets rudely cut short leaving Sophia split from Fayt and other family members.

Personality: She is a soft hearted caring young lady that loves cats, and will always try lend an ear to those in need. She also tends to lack confidence in her physical traits and ability to be of aid in battle.

Recruitment Info: While you see her very early in the game, it will be some time later until she become playable again. Although she will join eventually fairly early on disk 2, so don't fret about being able to miss her.

Peppita Rossetti

JP name: Souffle Rosetti
Race: Velbaysain
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 79 lbs
Age: 14
Weapon: Bangles
Voice Actor: Masayo Kurata (JP); Sherry Lynn (EN)

Background: Peppita is one of many performers part of the Rossetti Troupe, and possesses incredible dancing ability at a young age. Originally an orphan child as her mother Elayne died early during her birth and the father is unknown. She now lives and travels with her uncle Piccolotto, whom manages the Circus Troupe.

Personality: She is as carefree and bubbly as they come. Always oblivious to danger and basically does what she wants. Peppita will also do just about anything for her Circus Troupe to be successful.

Recruitment Info: Peppita will be part of your group for a very short time during the escape of Hyda IV at the beginning of the game, although will not appear again until disk 2. She is easy to miss, and just as easy to recruit. Early on disk 2 she will temporarily rejoin the group while you're at Moonbase. At the end of this part of the story she will want to join you. Simply allowing it will have her join, not allowing it will open the door for the remainder of Roger, Nel & Albel, whomever did not appear at the Kirlsa Training Facility.

Cliff Fittir

Race: Klausian
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 212 lbs
Age: 36
Weapon: Gauntlet
Voice Actor: Hiroki Tochi (JP); Dave Wittenberg (EN)

Background: Cliff is the former leader of the Anti-Federation group Quark. His physical strengths exceed that of any human. And he is also never afraid to inform his opponents of this very fact before any battle.

Personality: While he may seem nothing but a rough and tumble guy, he is actually a rather laid back guy and likes to ease most situations with at time inappropriate jokes, such as his famous "hunches", including his constant comments about the "Hot Clicks", he also acts as a bit of a ladies man. Despite this he loyally serves Quark for the better of the next generation.

Recruitment Info: Cliff will join you early in the game, and will likely be one of your highest use characters because of it.

Nel Zelpher

Race: Elicoorian
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 112 lbs
Age: 23
Weapon: Daggers
Voice Actor: Yu Asakawa (JP); Wendee Lee (EN)

Background: Nel is an enigmatic servant of the covert operations for Aquios. Her father is the well known Nevelle Zelpher, whom was also a great servant for the Kingdom of Aquios.

Personality: She takes her job very seriously, and rarely cuts any corners in getting her job done. She comes across as a very ruthless and cold hearted character. Despite her hard working & aloof appearance, she still cares deeply for those that serve her. She just has difficulty in expressing it and believes that emotion cannot interfere with her work.

Recruitment Info: She is also one of the four characters you donít need to have in your final party, and may be one of three that will perform a rescue action later in the game. Even if she does not she will still be recruitable if you firstly deny Peppita the opportunity to join early on disk 2. Then later visit her at her castle and tell her "You don't have time to chat", of course you cannot have optionally recruited any others after denying Peppita for this to be available.

Roger S. Huxley

Race: Menodix
Height: 3'1"
Weight: 66 lbs
Age: 12
Weapon: Axe
Voice Actor: Mari Maruta (JP); Mona Marshall (EN)

Background: Roger is a typical young Menodix boy that is always keen to 'prove his strength'. He often takes on dangerous, even at times life threatening tasks with he Menodix friends Lucien, Lezard & Vellion without concern. He thinks only of the glory and being the winner of his so called "True man contest".

Personality: He is also very confident, energetic, and quite abrupt with things he says, will often dismiss the aid of others to claim he done a task all by himself. Also despite his young age he is rather keen on the females. He certainly acts, or at least thinks he is much older then he is.

Recruitment Info: Firstly you can actually miss this guy if you don't rescue him from his cage at Duggus Forest. He then will become one of the four characters you don't need to have in your final party, and may be one of three that will perform a rescue action later in the game. Even if he does not he will still be recruitable if you firstly deny Peppita the opportunity to join early on disk 2. Then later see him in the mayors house at Surferio, just ask him to join if you still have a space left.

Adray Lasbard [ Director's Cut only ]

JP name: Adlai Lasbard
Race: Elicoorian
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220 lbs
Age: 58
Weapon: Sword
Voice Actor: Unsho Ishizuka (JP); Beau Billingslea (EN)

Background: Adray is a former member of the elite "Crimson Blade" one of the military arms to Aquaria of Elicoor II. He worked along side Nels father Nevelle Zelpher for a number of missions. He has also performed many great and dangerous tasks for Aquaria in the past. Despite his age of 58 he is still considered one of the most powerful servants of Aquaria.

Personality: His knowledge and skills are rarely equaled in Elicoor. He loathes tasks requiring him to remain still such as office work; he is much as ease on the battle field. He is however not the easiest guy to get along with, and often gets sent on dangerous; even seemingly pointless missions just about as far away from Aquaria as possible.

Recruitment Info: He can potentially join as early as just prior the Elicoor War, or late in the game; either way he will join you eventually. Although only in the Director's Cut version of course, he does not appear in the original Japan only version in any form.

Maria Traydor

JP name: Maria Traitor
Race: Earthling
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 104 lbs
Age: 19
Weapon: Gun
Voice Actor: Michiko Neya (JP); Dorothy Elias-Fahn (EN)

Background: Maria is the somewhat mysterious leader of the anti-federation organization Quark. Had a rough childhood as she is an orphan child, and later ended up being raised by Cliff & Mirage themselves. Mirage is also the one who taught her combat training.

Personality: Maria can be rather blunt and rarely beats around the bush in saying what she wishes. She now serves Quark religiously, while also having a hidden agenda which comes to surface later on in the game.

Recruitment Info: She will join regardless of your actions a little way into the game.

Albel Nox

JP name: Arbel Nox
Race: Elicoorian
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 141 lbs
Age: 24
Weapon: Katana & Gauntlet/Claw
Voice Actor: Isshin Chiba (JP); Crispin Freeman (EN)

Background: Albel is the leader of the Black Brigade, one of the three powerful arms at the Airyglyth disposal of Elicoor. At an early age he lost him arm due to a Dragon attack where his father saved him from death, hence the Gauntlet/Claw arm. Even with one useful arm he is still a highly competent swordsman.

Personality: He calls himself "Albel the Wicked", overconfident, arrogant & ruthless. Although one of the greatest swordsman in the land its no surprise he is extremely confident in his own abilities. He is often quick to dismiss his enemies and at times underestimate them, regularly degrading them with comments like "Maggot" or "Worms".

Recruitment info: He is also one of the four characters you don't need to have in your final party, and may be one of three that will perform a rescue action later in the game. Even if he does not he will still be recruitable if you firstly deny Peppita the opportunity to join early on disk 2. Then later see him nearby where you once battled with Crosell, defeat him while you still have a spot remaining and you will be the opportunity to have him rejoin you.

Mirage Koas

JP name: Mirage Coast
Race: Klausian
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 117 lbs
Age: 27
Weapon: Gauntlet
Voice Actor: Emi Shinohara (JP); Kari Wahlgren (EN)

Background: Mirage also serves under Quark and is a long time friend of Cliff, whom both learned to fight at the same dojo club long ago. While rather tame in appearance she is not one to be reckoned with, it's also believed that she has defeated Cliff 982 to 11 with 43 ties while sparring together.

Personality: She is a beautiful, well mannered, yet extremely powerful lady; such is the way of the Klausians. She is also an extremely dependable and loyal lady to those she serves, even when Cliff might be making a stupid decision she will support it all the way.

Recruitment Info: While you witness her very early in the game you part ways with her soon after. She will join you much later in the game, not until later on disk 2 when you return to Elicoor II after various other tasks throughout the game. This will occur regardless of your actions and other recruitments, although only in the Directors cut version of course as she was not playable in the original Japan only version.

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