Star Ocean Universe

Affiliate with Star Ocean Universe

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate with Star Ocean Universe then please ensure your said website fits in with the criteria below.

Your website must...

  1. Be a gaming website, that features tri-Ace or related content.
  2. Not contain any illegal or explicit content.
  3. Predominately be an English website.
  4. Not be a discussion only forum.
  5. Have a mini banner at the size of 88x31px. [No .gifs please]
  6. Display affiliate banners somewhere on your front page.
Should you satisfy the above criteria then simply e-mail your request including a link to your website and mini banner to Alternatively if you are a member of the Star Ocean Universe forum you can perform the request via a private message to Fayt.

Should your request be accepted [if you fit the criteria above then it's likely] we will add it to our affiliate section [which displays in the sidebar] on our home page within 48 hours. We trust that our affiliate details will also be added to your website in such a time frame.

As long as our affiliate banner remains on your website, your affiliate banner will remain on ours.

The affiliate banner we would like to be added to your site is shown below.