Star Ocean Universe


I Fayt (online username) created the Star Ocean Universe on my own, based on a number of reasons detailed below.

Firstly, I quite enjoy the games of the Star Ocean Series & Valkyrie Profiles Series. Due to that I wish provide a fan service placing as much information & resources as possible on these great games in a one stop location, relating to of the games by its developer tri-Ace.

My interest for the Star Ocean series started on the Christmas of 2004, where I was given Star Ocean: Till the End of Time as a gift. From there I began to frequent the large Game Winners community and discussed my interest for the game; and other Square Enix such as like Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts there as well. Soon after I found myself visiting regularly and trying to help fellow members at every opportunity, which fortunately lead me to been offered a position on the moderating team to run the Star Ocean Series forum!

From there I began to meet even more great Star Ocean fans, and attempted a few other projects which always had some Star Ocean feel to it. Including a Guild and various threads on Gaia online; as well as a fan site with an old friend Scott (best known as StarGGundam2) - unfortunately he as the lead admin had a heavy workload at the time and wished to cancel the project. I however still had kept a majority of the guides etc I had and wish to continue to use them, as well as create many more, all of those I wrote are available here now, plus many more.

Finally, I've had a break from my old regular forums and began to visit a large fan site based on the Warriors games by Koei, called KOEI Warriors. Combining this with an inability to many Star Ocean only fan sites and my interest in series in the past has lead me to here. Attempting to provide a quality service to the fans with Star Ocean as the main focus. I hope that many Star Ocean fans and those of it's related games will appreciate this, and help allow this place to grow into a massive online Star Ocean and related games resource and discussion location.

Please note I have no affiliation whatsoever with any any video game company such as tri-Ace, nor do I get paid to do this. I'm just a fan which intends to provide fellow fans more information & resources on the tri-Ace games, in particular Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile.

Significant Dates

  • 1st October 2007: Account created.
  • 19th October 2007: Site officially opened.
  • 10th January 2008: Forum created/opened.
  • 7th September 2009: Account upgraded to premium.
  • 29th May 2010: Domain acquired
  • Credits

  • tri-Ace: Developers of Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile and other games.
  • Square Enix: Producer of the majority of tri-Ace games.
  • SEGA: Another recent producer of tri-Ace games.
  • Webs: For originally hosting this site for free (prior Premium upgrade).
  • Zetaboards: For hosting the forum for free.
  • YouTube: For their free video hosting service.
  • Photobucket: For almost unlimited free file hosting.
  • GIMP: Excellent free graphics creation program.
  • GameTrailers: For it's wealth of online media available.
  • Star Ocean Wikia: For been a great online Star Ocean resource.
  • Fayt: Creator of Star Ocean Universe.
  • Forum Moderators: Quark, Fate & Gumdrop for their support in assisting the site & forum.
  • Former Moderators: Roger, part of the original team who helped set-up the site & forum.
  • Star Ocean Universe members: For your feedback and interest.
  • Fans of the games: Without them none of this would be possible.
  • Disclaimer

    Please note that Star Ocean Universe has no relationship whatsoever with tri-Ace or Square Enix, nor do we receive any commissions from anyone for information on this site. All registered trademarks etc are owned by their respective companies. All the imagery and presentation of the site is merely from a fans point of view, with usage of information relating to the makers of the Star Ocean and related games.

    In no way shape or form does Star Ocean Universe claim any ownership of the respective games herein, nor the official imagery shown. This site is simply for unofficial discussion and information purposes to give the Star Ocean and related games fans a little bit more.

    If you strongly believe Star Ocean Universe has breached any copyright rulings, or contains information which it should not feel free to contact us and we will take any relevant action as soon as possible, including amending sections of the site or adding further credits if need be.